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Hello, my name is Tina Young.  I am a Professor in the Administration of Justice Department at Grossmont College located in El Cajon, (San Diego County), California.  Our department has 5 degrees and 4 state-certified academies.  For more information, see our department website: (or go to "Resources & Links").

In fall, 2012, I was appointed Department Coordinator.  I currently oversee the academics side of the house but I continue to teach as much as I can.   My area of instruction includes basic and advanced forensic photography, basic and advanced forensic technology, Criminal Evidence, and my area of specialty is bloodstain pattern analysis.  Previously, I was the forensic intern coordinator for our department and I still find great pleasure in placing our excellent students in forensic internships throughout San Diego County.  Prior to teaching, I worked in law enforcement for a total of 9 years; the majority of that time as a forensic technician, processing crime scenes.  I continue to work bloodstain pattern cases as a private practitioner.  Click on "Curriculum Vitae" for more information.

I am passionate about justice and I strive to provide the best education possible for my students so that they may perform their duties in an excellent manner, thus assisting detectives with the investigation at hand and provide justice for victims of crime.  I truly hope to instill a sense of purpose in my students.  Click on "Keys to Success" for more on this sense of purpose and hopefully some inspiration.  Click on "Photo Gallery" to see some of the fun that we have in law enforcement and at Grossmont College!

Forensic professionals are networked, not only regionally, but nationally and internationally.  It's very important to meet these professionals and learn from them any time you get a chance.  In order to become networked with these fine professionals, click on "Resources & Links".  This page also contains websites and links on how to get hired, resume and cover letter writing, interview tips and more!  If you have a link that I don't have, I would love for you to share it with me by clicking on "Feedback".

Since I started teaching in 2004, I've collected a lot of frequently asked questions by students regarding training, education, and employment in law enforcement.  Click on "Frequent Q&A 's" which I'm sure will be a continually growing page. If you have a question of your own, please ask under "Feedback".  I'll post your question and the answer if it's a frequently asked one.  I created this website as more of an informative site rather than one for on-going communication.  Should you need to communicate, click on "Contact Information".

 I'll do my best to keep my web page updated with forensics news & calendar of events (mostly So. Cal.).  I often receive direct emails regarding job postings and I will certainly add that information to the news / blog portion of this site.  Feel free to add relevant news and events yourself by clicking on "Forums" (note - you must click on "Members" & join this site, in order to create forum updates).  Remember - continually scan the "Resources & Links" page so that you can research additional job postings, training opportunities and current forensics news that I might miss.

Good luck to you and your career!

God Bless America!