Forensics Science Training & Education

curriculum vitae


I have a Master of Forensic Sciences degree and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree from National University in which I graduated Cum Laude.  I have science course-work in Biology, Chemistry and Calculus from The Ohio State University in which I maintained a 4.0 gpa.


I am a Certified Bloodstain Pattern Examiner (2007 - Current) through the International Association for Identification.


I am a court appointed Expert in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Forensic Technology through the Los Angeles County Superior Court by Superior Court Judge Henry Hall (August, 2015 - current).


In 2008, I received the Partner in Law Enforcement Award from the National City Police Department for volunteer training and services to law enforcement and at-risk youth.


I have published or contributed to the following textbooks, professional journal articles, and science productions:

What on Earth Series – Provided filmed bloodstain pattern analysis on suspicious stain patterns found on a jetty in Holland, 2015, Discovery Science Channel. 

Crime Scene Investigation – The Forensic Technician’s Field Manual – 2nd edition (in progress), Pearson Prentice Hall.

Crime Scene Investigation – The Forensic Technician’s Field Manual – (Co-Authored with P.J. Ortmeier, Ph.D.), Pearson Prentice Hall.

Crime Scene Photography, 2nd Ed. and 3rd Ed. By E. Robinson – Contributing Author, wrote section on Darkfield Illumination, and Advanced Lighting Techniques, Academic Press.

A Photographic Comparison of Luminol, Fluorescein, and Bluestar - Nov/Dec 2006, Journal of Forensic Identification. 


 California State Division of the International Association for Identification 96th Int’l Educational Conference (May, 2012)

Taught three workshops: Basic Bloodstain Pattern Identification; Impact Bloodstain Pattern Reconstruction Using Trigonometry; and Advanced Lighting Techniques in Digital Photography

International Association for Identification 92nd Int’l Educational Conference (July, 2007)

Taught four workshops: Advanced Lighting Techniques in Digital Photography

California Association of Administration of Justice Educators Statewide Conference (April, 2006)

Trained AOJ Educators on Student Learning Outcomes


Grossmont College Administration of Justice Department Coordinator (Fall, 2012 - Current) 

IABPA Bloodstain Pattern Certification Committee Member (Fall, 2012 - Current)

Grossmont College Academic Senate - Senator (Fall, 2005 - Current)

Grossmont College ACJA Club Advisor (Spring, 2006 - Current)

Grossmont College AOJ Depart. Coordinator & Trainer for Student Learning Outcomes (Spring, 2007 - Current)

Grossmont College Student Disciplinary Committee Member (Spring, 2010 - Spring, 2011)

Grossmont College Academic Program Review Committee Member (Fall, 2010 - Fall, 2012)


Member, International Association for Identification (since 1998)

Full Member, International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (since 2011)

                                                                         Provisional Member of IABPA (since 1998)

Member, Rocky Mountain Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (since 2011)

Member, California State Division, International Association for Identification (since 2006)

Member, Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers (since 2006)

Member, California Association of Administration of Justice Educators (since 2005)

Advisor and Member, American Criminal Justice Association (since 2005)


I have over 1,000 hours of basic and advanced training in the following topics: crime scene processing, crime scene investigation (analysis and reconstruction), bloodstain pattern analysis, math (trigonometry) & physics for bloodstain pattern analysis, forensic and digital photography, crime scene videography, latent fingerprint processing, analysis and comparison, shoe and tire impression preservation, latent blood processing and photography, various firearms courses, and various software programs related to forensic technology, including digital imaging.  I have also completed CA POST Police Academy Director / Coordinator Training.


Private Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Forensic Consulting and Training (2006 - Current):

I provide bloodstain pattern analysis, forensic technology case consultation, and forensic training for public agencies, private entities and professional organizations.  Past & current clients include San Diego County District Attorney's Office,  General Dynamics, National City Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office, Los Angeles private criminal defense attorney offices.

Professor - Grossmont College Administration of Justice Dept. (2005 - Current):

In Spring, 2005, I began as an adjunct professor teaching forensic technology and was hired full-time in Fall, 2005.  I currently teach basic and advanced forensic photography, basic and advanced forensic technology, and Criminal Evidence courses.  In Fall, 2012, I was assigned the AOJ Department Coordinator, but I do still teach most of these courses (up to the maximum load allowed.)

Crime Scene Specialist / Evidence Technician and Police Dispatcher (1996 - 2005):

I started my career in law enforcement as a police dispatcher for National City Police Department but I quickly moved to the Crime Scene Unit for that department.  However, I continued to wear many hats for NCPD and would fill in as a police dispatcher on over-time, when needed.  As a crime scene specialist, I not only processed major crime scenes, but I took cold crime police reports for investigations including burglary, fraud and forgery, battery, assault, and various theft crimes.  In 1998, I began my training in bloodstain pattern analysis while employed with NCPD.

I left NCPD for Chula Vista Police Department where I worked as an Evidence Technician, processing major crime scenes and working in the crime laboratory.  I continued advanced training in bloodstain pattern analysis as well as many other areas of forensic technology while employed with CVPD.

In 2005, I finished up my career in law enforcement as a part-time police dispatcher for CVPD while teaching as an adjunct professor for Grossmont College.  The decision to leave full-time crime scene investigation was a family-related decision. 

Prior to law enforcement, I worked as a legal secretary, an administrative assistant for a CPA firm, a sales assistant for a radio station, and accounts receivable for a manufacturing company.


I am a natural team player with strong leadership skills.  I am loyal, mature, and self-disciplined.   I have strong computer skills including Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Powerpoint, Crime Zone, Visio, CLETS, and ARJIS.  I have a basic understanding in AFIX Tracker and Backtracks. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong analytical and problem solving skills, am multitask oriented, motivated, energetic, and hard working.


Oct, 2010 - Oct, 2012 - Trained in Krav Maga Worldwide (Israeli Martial Arts); achieved "Level 2" (stopped training due to dislocated shoulder blade).

Jan, 2008 - Sept, 2010 - Trained in Tae kwon do martial arts; achieved the level of blue belt (6th belt level). 

June, 2000 - Ran & finished the San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon - 26.1 miles. 

May, 1989 - 4x800 meter relay team  - broke Track record - North Union High School, Richwood, OH (1st leg runner).

I have personal writing projects that I hope to publish in the future.


"New Alternatives" (2004 - 2013) (Orphanage was shut down in 2013)

I volunteered 2 weeks out of every 6 teaching Sunday school to children in an orphanage group facility. My father was a preacher for many years and many of my family members were preachers and missionaries.  These children did not have the opportunity to attend church, so we brought church to them.

I organized the orphans' annual Christmas party; and involved Grossmont College students by providing  “Forensic Science Fairs” for the children.

Additionally, it is my hope that foster youth will have more opportunities to attend college once they "age out" of the foster system and that current and future leaders of our community will be moved to make positive changes for foster youth.  I also hope that my students will someday use their influence in their law enforcement careers to make positive changes for foster and at-risk youth. This is my heart's work.

California State Division of the International Association for Identification 96th Int’l Educational Conference (May, 2012)

Taught three workshops (volunteered) at the conference.

National City Police Department – Forensic Training for Patrol Division (March, 2008 & Feb, 2011)

Provided 12 hours of training per course for NCPD’s Patrol Division on crime scene photography, evidence collection, crime scene sketching, and latent print and impression evidence recovery. 

International Association for Identification 92nd Int’l Educational Conference (July, 2007)

Taught four photography workshops at the conference; Volunteered at the registration table and at workshops during the conference.

“American Criminal Justice Association” – Grossmont College (Fall, 2006 - Current)

Instructor liaison for student organization; volunteer at all meetings & events. 

“Science Olympiad” – Grossmont College (Dec, 2006)

Organized training for (15) teens in trace evidence, latent fingerprint comparison and footwear analysis evidence.

“Train the Teacher” - Ruben H. Fleet Space Center (May, 2006)

Trained Jr. & Sr. High math & science teachers in forensic applications.

“Student Learning Outcomes” – California Association of Administration of Justice Educators (CAAJE) Seminar

Provided training on SLO’s at the CAAJE Annual Seminar in 2006 & 2007

“Expanding Your Horizons” – UCSD or USD (Annually 2001 - 2006)

Through the San Diego Science Alliance, I provided a hands-on, interactive forensic workshop for Jr. & Sr. high school students; 800 total students attend this program.